Personal Training

  • Class Time : 10.00 AM - 11.00 AM
  • Trainer : John Smith

Personal training had became one of the most important aspect in today’s schedule of living, there are many people who want to stay fit, and willing to put in the efforts to get the desired results, but the most common problem which they face is either time mismatch between them and gym trimming or inconvenience of availability of trainer at Gym at their suitable time.

Here comes in Picture the concept of Personal Training

At Our Aakhada the beginning gym we have highly trained and professional celebrity trainers who specializes in personal training program.

Personal trainers will create a tailor-made training program that will meet to your need, skills and goals that a common fitness batches at Gym cannot offer

Working out with personal trainer is really important and beneficial because only a trainer can guide you how to do the exercise properly and moreover he/she will also keep a track record of your vital stats, your workout schedule, and your diet chart record.

With us take advantage of landing a personal trainer to improve your training regime.

Our Personal trainers are well acquainted with fitness and health skills; they are already serving as fitness coach for some of the big celebrities of bollywood.

It is really necessary to understand which is the best workout or fitness activity for your body, because every person has a different strength and capabilities.

We have a well designed personal training program for our customers which is tailored as per customers schedule, demand, physical strength , body stats , past medical record , gender and age.
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Benefits of having a personal training at gym :

  • Some time they are your therapist.
  • A personal trainer is better than a mirror.
  • They teach you new exercises and workouts
  • They are an objective eye.
  • They hold you accountable.
  • They push your limit.
  • They love to see you sweat.
  • They keep count of all your efforts..
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