Kick Boxing



  • Class Time : 10.00 AM - 11.00 AM
  • Trainer : John Smith

Kickboxing was famous in 2017, it was in biggest trend , It is complete body workout that combination of Stroke ,Punch and Cardio.

In Our Aakhada the beginning we provides special training on Kickboxing. Now kickboxing in trend, while doing kickboxing it cover all major body part to get muscular also help to complete body workout such as knee strokes and punches. Fighters are allowed to hit opponents fighter with full punches and kicks . kickboxing is now one of the most popular martial art and around more than 1 million of people take a kickboxing activity as a workout.

Unlike most another types of workout, the Kickboxing is the most powerful movement .its also improve the strength and muscularity. After learning the kickboxing overall activity then it can change your body and life.

We have well professional trainers to teach you proper workout activity for Kickboxing .Just visit us our Aakhada the beginning studio.
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